It's the End of the World as we know it...and I feel fine!

  • World Wide Lighting of the lights?

    12.21.12 10:54 pm, candles, sky lanterns (mindful of weather) LED flash, etc... your town, your city, your country, our planet, our home,

    What if the End of the World was just the beginning of a Better World where children didn't have to go to school to die.

    A Rambling for those who are interested...

    I have been so interested in flash mobs lately, the amazing joy they bring me from the beauty of collaborative work and surprise...what beauty humans can create!
    That's the media I seek out, the media that is fed to me is always so tragic and glum it is naturally hard to stay in the light and have hope for human kind, and now we have this day that is approaching, this day with such a story around it. Who can't be just a little bit curious as to what 12.21.12 will hold, if nothing supernatural what will humans do with all that energy directed on one day?
    Winter solstice has always been my favorite day because its when we turn back into the light, and assuming the world doesn't flip over on its axis all together we will once again, in the northern hemisphere return to the light.
    This is a metaphor for the greater circumstance humans have to face now. It is time for us as a human race to turn toward the light, and toward one another.
    My friends and I have been planning for a long time (weather permitting) to set off a few sky lanterns on December 21st at 10:54pm (why that time, I don't know, does everything have to be so calculated, we just like it;) to mark the end of the dark times with the beauty of light.
    As I sit here tonight it occurs to me why not invite the world to participate, and why not use the oh so available internet to do it. So consider this an invitation to the world to set a more beautiful intention, with intention, and return to the light. In honor of all the beautiful humans who have died unjustly, and there are billions, and in honor of the humans who are oppressed and violated daily, and in honor of the humans we have the capacity to become, more loving, and interconnected, more aware, and mindful, light a candle and go to the heart of your town or city, share the light with the world.
    10:54 pm

2012 What If?

Follow the light.

Follow the light.